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Rugby World Cup 2019

All fixtures are already loaded on the site.

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All the matches of the moment

Rugby World Cup 2019 matches are already loaded on the site and ready to bet.

Didn't believe a Russia - Samoa could be interesting?

Wait until it gives you an opportunity to take the lead of the rankings with a perfect score!


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The key with Bookmakerz is that you are not rewarded based upon fixed points or whatever experts believed would be a probable outcome.

You and the other participants are the actual bookmakers, you decide what are the odds!

Every body tried to score points by betting against the favorite and you didn't? That can be great for you!

Phase by phase evolution

Review when luck was on your side and the key moments that led you to the top... or the bottom of the rankings.


Ranking evolution

2018 edition added up the long awaited graphical evolution feature for rankings and data amateurs.

Check and uncheck curves to review performances in particular, stay in awe in front of your "remontada" even though you ended up far from the podium!


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Jonathan B.
"Even French people can be excited to follow an Georgia - Fiji when betting on Bookmakerz"
Yann L.
"Site very intuitive, the only difficulty is to follow the actual games!"
Adrien B.

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